We were grouped in fours and fives, the in-class assignment was to write character synopses for an original TV show we had yet to think up, and the theme my group came up with to aid in this project was the classic, original idea of

“College parties!”

That was Sean. He leaned back in his chair and I could tell it was all coming back to him. He, of the leather jacket/pajama bottom persuasion, was reliving nights of booze and breasts while I and the rest of the group soldiered on toward the share-with-the-class portion of the headache.

Yeah, we scraped something together, some shoddy bullet-pointed piece about a middle-aged guy named Andy who spent his nights crashing college parties and livin’ it up like the good old days.

But I didn’t see the point of it. We never got around to that. We were just checking things off the list. “College parties!” isn’t even a theme to me. It’s just something people do. It’s just consumption without reflection. The good stuff comes after.

What were we trying to get across to the imaginary audience watching this imaginary show that wouldn’t even make it past the pilot?

I have no clue.

What the hell is this blog about? What am I doing here?

Nope. Still nothing.

Sometimes I fiction, sometimes I memoir, sometimes I photography.

I guess that’s a good place to start.

Let’s see how long this show goes on.


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