The Threat of Deluxe Mixed Nuts

I went to the Grand Canyon last spring, and when I returned, I learned that I lost seven pounds. It was understandable, because there’s a lot of walking to be done at the Grand Canyon.

It's a big place (see banana for scale)

It’s a big place (see banana for scale)

You can choose the easy route, which is a paved walkway set yards from the edge and follows the rim’s curve, or you can choose the slightly more hazardous one, which is unpaved, narrow, and often a foot or so away from the drop-off. Of course I chose the hazardous one, because I was at the Grand Canyon, dammit, and I could walk on pavement at home.

In short, the Grand Canyon was a very spiritual experience for me, but I’ll post about that later.

Skip forward a year, and I’m 60 pounds lighter. My mortal enemy is a can of Deluxe Mixed Nuts. Any brand. Preferably Lightly Salted. No Peanuts. Peanuts are the raisins of mixed nuts.

I can’t get enough. They sit on the counter and call my name. I get home, and I’m munching on them 10 seconds later. Nuts are good for you, but not with the amount I eat.

I think, don’t sabotage all the work you put in! but then I go, I lost 60 pounds! I deserve delicious whenever I want it! 

Inspired by the Daily Prompt from the Daily Post



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