Blue Eyes for Adoption with Cat

Wednesday morning with coffee standing outside of the office. Since I don’t smoke, I just stand out there with nothing to do but observe the busy slice of street that runs past the office building.

I spot a flyer on the lamp post.

CAT for adoption with BLUE EYES
She’s white with a little bit of color on her head and tail.
Very cute and friendly.
3 years old, healthy, has shots etc.

I rearrange the words in my head, inspired by a video I saw of Bob Dylan doing something similar.

Eyes for adoption with blue cat.

Very blue and old cat with 3 eyes for adoption. Healthy, has head with little bit of tail.

For adoption: 3 healthy years

Cat with little eyes for adoption. 3 years shot. Very blue with a friendly tail.

Blue Eyes for adoption with Cat.

Cat with a little bit of head. Has shots, etc.

Head with a little bit of tail.

Cute and friendly eyes for healthy Cat.

3 year old cat head for adoption (with eyes, etc!)

I probably enjoyed myself too much. I loved the odd combinations that popped up. The more ridiculous, the better.


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