I’m Froy, but you can all me Ollie. I’m a professional brooder, amateur wine enthusiast, and a master of uncertainty. Nice to meet you! I made this blog to encourage myself to write more. I also try to photography, so I’ll post some of that as well.

Most of the writing will be fiction, and I might throw in some non-fiction every now and then, but I can guarantee that I will write stuff.Colbert_WritingI see this blog as a way of brushing up on what meager bit of writing skill I have (can’t you already tell I’m a beacon of blinding confidence?). I guess you could say I have remnants of stage fright (“page fright?”) that my writing courses didn’t completely cure. I enjoyed the act of writing, but wanted to cower in some dark corner when someone read it.

Ah! I have a reader!

Ah! I have a reader!

It isn’t nearly as bad anymore, but I feel a little rusty.

I’m striving for a post a day (or as close to it as possible).

  • See my Writing page for an organized list of Fiction/Non-Fiction posts
  • See Inspired By for random-ish posts triggered by things I’ve found while cruising WordPress
  • See the Photography category for my attempts at photography.

I’ll be using writing prompts/challenges I find through various WordPress blogs to spark some creativity, and any challenges I participate in will be tagged accordingly. If the challenge has a badge, I’ll put it in my sidebar.

Any “featured” photos I include in story posts are my own, but if I use one from another photographer, you can click the photo to go to his/her page or scroll to the bottom of the post where I’ll give credit. Screencaps like the ones used in this post come from simple Google searches, but I’ve photoshopped them to better suit the post’s subject.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you enjoy reading my work! I’m definitely looking forward to reading yours!


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