Blue Eyes for Adoption with Cat

Wednesday morning with coffee standing outside of the office. Since I don’t smoke, I just stand out there with nothing to do but observe the busy slice of street that runs past the office building.

I spot a flyer on the lamp post.

CAT for adoption with BLUE EYES
She’s white with a little bit of color on her head and tail.
Very cute and friendly.
3 years old, healthy, has shots etc.

I rearrange the words in my head, inspired by a video I saw of Bob Dylan doing something similar.

Eyes for adoption with blue cat.

Very blue and old cat with 3 eyes for adoption. Healthy, has head with little bit of tail.

For adoption: 3 healthy years

Cat with little eyes for adoption. 3 years shot. Very blue with a friendly tail.

Blue Eyes for adoption with Cat.

Cat with a little bit of head. Has shots, etc.

Head with a little bit of tail.

Cute and friendly eyes for healthy Cat.

3 year old cat head for adoption (with eyes, etc!)

I probably enjoyed myself too much. I loved the odd combinations that popped up. The more ridiculous, the better.


Coming to a Store Near You

Inspired by a Daily Prompt from the Daily Post:

Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines, anywhere doors, and invisibility helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?

The Anywhere Door makes the most sense. Vacations would be so much easier (and cheaper with the reduced no travel expenses!)

I could go with the iDoor 7, but it’s way overpriced. I’ll stick with the simple and uber-portable model: the There and Now.


The directions would go something like this: Continue reading

It’s Gonna Be Legen–

–wait for it–
Haaave You Met Bob?

I was flipping through WordPress and found this flash fiction story by Mark Baron, and it inspired this little photoshop* job above. I call this masterpiece “Have You Met Bob?”** and it takes place a few nights after the end of the story.

*If anyone has any photoshop tips, please share!

**I’m patiently waiting for the final season of HIMYM to hit Netflix. I know the HIMYM finale left some of you a little bitter, but don’t spoil it for me!